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About Us

DaVinci Appliance Repair Service is a certified and licensed appliance repair company serving the greater Glendora region. For several years now, we have continued to provide Glendora residents with the best technical skills when it comes to home appliance repair. We combine our skills and experience, designing lasting solutions that our customers have always been fully satisfied whenever we provide to them. Our commitment is to ensure a customer-friendly service by making sure that our technical team is polite to the clients and patiently answers all questions regarding the appliances. As an upcoming business, we will be glad to have you as one of our new customers.

The technical team working with DaVinci Appliance Repair Service understands the great importance that the different appliances provide. In that regard, we remain committed to making sure that the appliance remains in good working condition. This is through proper regular maintenance services and professional technical skills when it comes to appliance repair. For general inquiries or request a free estimate on the services that we provide, call us on (805) 209-1090.

About Us

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Our Services

Washing Machine Repair Services

If the washing machine starts knocking or stopped working, you need a professional who will assist you fix the problem. The washing machine is an important appliance that many homeowners will not imagine can stay without. Therefore, based on the important role that the washing machine serves, it is important you ensure that you consult a professional repairperson when the machine seems not to work properly. Attempting to repair the washing machine by yourself can result in serious trouble especially if you are not a trained technician. In addition, if the washing machine is covered by a warranty and you attempt self-repair, the warranty becomes null and not valid. To avoid such a scenario, we advise that you consult a professional washing repairperson.

Refrigerator Repair Services

When the refrigerator is not working well, food goes into waste, and this is not something you would want to see. In order to have the issue rectified, talk to professional appliance repair technicians and we will be glad to assist you. At DaVinci Appliance Repair Service, we remain committed to making sure you do not experience prolonged issues with the refrigerator. Thus, when the refrigerator does not come up, the door light fails to work or you the refrigerator starts to leak water to the floor, we shall have a solution for these refrigerator related issues.

Microwave Repair Services

DaVinci Appliance Repair Service provides the best microwave repair in the Glendora area. Unlike our competition, we have to use the original manufacturer replacement parts when there is a need to replace any components of the microwave. We also work with professional factory authorized microwave repair technicians who help to quickly diagnose the various microwave problems. Our qualified technical team will fix the issue making sure that the microwave is back to its working condition. Talk to DaVinci Appliance Repair Service today and we will fix your faulty microwave.

Garbage Disposal Repair Services in Glendora

A sink full of leftovers is one of the frustrating experiences that most homeowners have to face when the garbage disposal unit does not work. This could be because of blockage of the garbage disposal or the drain does not function well. You do not have to put up with this serious issue. All you need to do is to consult a professional appliance repairperson that will assist you immediately. At DaVinci Appliance Repair Service, our technical team is around your neighborhood and ready to assist you when you are experiencing damaged garbage disposal system.

Ice Maker Repair

Does your ice maker fail to reset or seems to have a clogged filter? Talk to DaVinci Appliance Repair Service when your ice maker seems not to function properly. Clogged filters, is one of the common issues that the ice maker might experience regardless of the model or make of the ice maker. If you are experiencing any issue with the icemaker, talk to our experts who will quickly move in and inspect the ice maker for the various problems. We ensure fair pricing for the various ice maker problems.